Add Color to Your Meals for Better Health

healthThe American Heart Association has begun a new campaign to attempt to reduce chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart conditions through diet. The initiative challenges Americans to add one additional cup of fruits or vegetables to their meal every day for better health.

They claim that if a teenager begins adding more color to their diet that their risk for these diseases reduce. At this point, three out of every four Americans eats an unhealthy diet laden with bad fats, high sodium amounts, and preservatives. The campaign, referred to as +color, hopes to encourage Americans to add additional colorful foods such as broccoli, peppers, citrus fruits, cucumber, onions, and many other types to their diet.

Sometimes, buying fruits and vegetables can be more expensive than buying prepackaged, unhealthy foods. There are ways that you can reduce that cost. Visit your local farmer’s market to purchase their seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only will you have a variety of food, but it will be fresh and helps to keep local farmers in business. Another way that you can reduce the costs is to grow your own vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables. In doing this, you can control the use of pesticides and select the types of vegetables that you enjoy eating the most.

So, take the challenge for the health of your family and yourself. Add that extra cup of colorful vegetables or fruit to every meal rise to the +color challenge. Join the movement and create a healthier life for yourself. You can sign up at their website to receive support and encouragement, as well as additional tips, resources, and recipes.

It is essential that good health starts with your lifestyle habits such as your diet and exercise program, but having a general practitioner to visit should an illness arise is just as important. Find a physician before you need one. Go to to conduct a search for a doctor in Lee County, Florida.

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