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We Need a Trump Medicare Advantage Plan in America

Did you know Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in the United States? It is, and we believe that extending it to everyone will lower our National Healthcare GDP by $1.3 Trillion to 12% by eliminating just half of our chronic illness.  A Trump Medicare-Advantage-For-All plan is the way to go, as the Democrats are focusing on Medicare for All, which will...

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Obesity Is A Chronic Illness Problem in America

  In 2018, the Milken Institute Study documented that obesity is by far the greatest risk factor contributing to the burden of chronic disease in the United States. The prevalence of obesity in the U.S. population has increased steadily since the 1960s. President John F. Kennedy wrote Sports Illustrated article back in 1960 complaining that American’s were getting soft....

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Americans Want A Good Health Care System 

People want to be healthy. As Americans, we don’t accept the fact that the government can take care of our health. WE can take care our own health. But right now, our health care system is failing us, so many Americans are dying unnecessarily. We are being cheated as a nation. We currently spend more than other nations for our healthcare, and we get less back for it. We...

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We Need President Trump to Be Our Healthcare Czar 

In America, right now, we need to convince the medical community that they must change their practice patterns to support the prevention of illness and the swift correction of conditions that can be reversed. We need a healthcare CZAR and we would choose Alex Azar, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.    The Medicare for All plan legislation proposed...

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What Does Trump Medicare for All Do for Americans

Democrats, like Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren support the idea of Medicare for All. The plan is said to drastically reshape the health care system by moving millions of Americans who get insurance through employers into a single-payer plan within two years. This is the democrats’ proposal to fix the market. The plan will be a single-payer plan that...

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