What Does Trump Medicare for All Do for Americans

Democrats, like Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren support the idea of Medicare for All. The plan is said to drastically reshape the health care system by moving millions of Americans who get insurance through employers into a single-payer plan within two years. This is the democrats’ proposal to fix the market.

The plan will be a single-payer plan that covers everyone and offers comprehensive benefits such as long-term care services. There will be no premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or other out-of-pocket costs. This plan would eliminate all private insurance.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)’s Medicare for All Bill is different than Sanders’ bill because it implements a national health insurance program over a two-year period; With this bill, administrative changes are done within the first year, and by the beginning of the third year, all U.S. residents will be covered by the Medicare for All program.

The bill also creates a Medicare Transition buy-in plan during the two-year period, which will be offered on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces.

It is believed as the federal government radically reforms the healthcare system, that insurance companies may exit existing marketplaces, which would leave patients without plans or increasing premiums. A Medicare for All program would need to be implemented as quickly as possible and it’s best that the president who signs the Medicare for All bill into law is the one who oversees implementation of the new system.

This bill also uses existing policy ideas to tackle increasing prescription drug costs and health care spending, as well a it will create a global budget program to pay “institutional providers” and contain costs.

All the democrat Bills before Congress on “Medicare for all” are popular among the progressive American electorate, but not so popular with several of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls in the 2020 election campaign. Unfortunately, the 10-year cost estimate for Senator Bernie Sander’s program is $32.6 trillion and Elizabeth Warren estimates her plan will cost $52 trillion. President Donald Trump, speaking at his Kansas Rally in 2018, claimed that if Congress were to enact the “Medicare 4 all” program today, it would “… eviscerate our beautiful Medicare Advantage Program…”.

A universal Medicare For All plan would certainly be the beginning of the end of the Medicare program as we know it, for the almost 60 Million voting seniors enrolled.

Since Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in the United States, expanding it for All Americans (MAA) should be more popular solution. MAA could also reduce our National Health Care (NHC)-GDP by $1.3 trillion, to 12% of total GDP, by reducing or eliminating just half of our chronic illness. And, that would be just the beginning.

We need to pass Medicare Advantage For All with an integrated value-based Wellness and Well Being program. And then, we need to use MAA as a catalyst for a national effort to reduce our NHC-GDP to the lowest level of all the developed nations of the world.

Medicare is too expensive, encourages extraordinary spending and needs to be modernized. Extending it, the way the Democrats are proposing, will make it impossible for the United States to ever achieve a competitive NHC-GDP.

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