Why Dogs Make Us Healthy

healthyDogs are called “Man’s Best Friend” for more than just their companionship. Having a dog as a pet actually provides health benefits that you might not be aware of.

  • You will get more exercise if you have a dog as a part of your family. He’ll want to go for walks and maybe even runs. It is important that your dog gets outside and exercises. Throwing that Frisbee, taking a swim with your dog in a lake, or just walking in a park together all get your body up and moving. And you can do it together!
  • Stress levels will decrease just by petting your dog and playing games such as fetch. The “feel good” hormones are released when you spend quality time with your dog.
  • Your chance of heart disease may drop. Studies have indicated that just petting your dog will decrease your heart rate. They have also shown a reduced rate of heart disease among men in particular.
  • Your chances of meeting new people and socializing increase with a dog. You may run into the same people at the park when you take your nightly walk with Fido. This familiarity makes people more comfortable in talking with one another.
  • Your chances of being depressed decrease if you have a dog as a pet. The companionship reduces feelings of loneliness, which can turn into depression. So, dogs make you happy and happy in your mind as well!

Even though caring for your canine family member does take effort, the benefits far outweigh any difficulties you will encounter. If you have room in your home for a dog, or a cat, head down to your local shelter and rescue a new friend. It’ll do your heart, and mind, good.

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