Botox: What Is It?


botox injection

Botox is a solution of botulinum toxin that can be administered through a syringe into the skin. This injection blocks the signal from the muscles to the brain, so the muscles don’t contract. If the injected muscle can’t move, then the face doesn’t make the movements it has done for years which caused the wrinkles. Also, the muscles are able to relax and possibly delay future wrinkles in that same area of the face.

Botox is a temporary solution to the lines that form in our face from years of expression and the loss of skin elasticity. When we are young, our face bounces back after an expression. As we age, the lines that are made during an expression stay there since collagen and hyaluronic acid production slow. Also, environmental and lifestyle factors play a role in wrinkle formation over time.

You’ve heard of Botox as a way to attempt to capture the fountain of youth, but it has been used for many other purposes. Botox actually began as a way to treat eye spasms. After giving these injections to patients, they started to notice that it was helping to diminish the look of wrinkles. Botox is used to help those individuals who suffer from severe migraines and also for those who are afflicted with severe cases of sweating. The popularity and attention, however, has been on the fact that it temporarily eliminates wrinkles for men and women.

As with any type of medicine, there are minor risks involved with the injections. Allergic reactions and itching at the injection site can happen, so it is very important that you seek out a physician to administer the shot. He/she can evaluate your skin and discuss any medications that you are taking that might affect the Botox.

Seek out a plastic surgeon at to find a qualified physician who is trained in administering Botox injections.

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