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Cool Sculpting – Freeze Fat Away

Cool Sculpting - Freeze Fat Away

Cool sculpting is a non-invasive way to lose fat cells and shape your body.  The treatment itself was started when scientists at Harvard noticed that some children who ate popsicles got dimples in their cheeks. Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD realized that the popsicles were freezing and killing off small pockets of fat cells. Cold can target fat cells without...

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Regret Getting That Tattoo?

Regret Getting That Tattoo?

Whether it’s a bad quality tattoo or just a phase of your life you have out grown. Either way, you no longer have to live with the former choices of your youth forever emblazoned on your skin.   Laser tattoo removal can undo what ink and needle has drawn. Treatments take only a short time to perform and can be done in your doctor’s office. Removal is done with...

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Botox: What Is It?

Botox: What Is It?

  Botox is a solution of botulinum toxin that can be administered through a syringe into the skin. This injection blocks the signal from the muscles to the brain, so the muscles don’t contract. If the injected muscle can’t move, then the face doesn’t make the movements it has done for years which caused the wrinkles. Also, the muscles are able to relax and possibly...

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Skin Brushing: Beautiful Skin and a Healthy Lymphatic System

Skin Brushing: Beautiful Skin and a Healthy Lymphatic System

Skin brushing is likely a health treatment you haven’t heard much about. Most of us have seen the brushes in bath stores or health food stores and assumed that they were like a loofah sponge on a stick – for scrubbing during a bath or shower to get you clean and exfoliated.   Skin brushing is done on completely dry skin. It helps to activate your Lymphatic drainage...

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Reasons to Get a Breast Augmentation

There is a lot of negative stereotyping of women who get breast enhancement surgery, with the impression that these women are superficial, or desperate for male attention.  However, most women who get breast augmentation do it for personal reasons that help them in their lives.  Women may do it to feel more confident in general, or because of body proportions and the fit of...

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