Signs You May Have a Hormone Imbalance

Although hormone imbalances are often associated with women experiencing menopause, in fact anyone can suffer from a hormone imbalance for a large number of reasons.  It’s important to be aware of changes in your body or mind and bring these to your doctor’s attention so that he or she can determine whether it’s a symptom of a serious problem.  Here are a few of the problems that can arise due to a hormone imbalance.


Mood changes

One of the classic symptoms of a hormone imbalance is a shift in your general mood or the way in which you react to things.  People are often anxious or become depressed, or they may be more irritable than normal.  Another sign is a loss of libido.  Although everyone will have temporary mood changes throughout the day, if these mood shifts become more volatile or if they persist for long periods, it may be a sign of a hormone imbalance.


Weight gain

Although weight gain from certain lifestyle choices is to be expected, unexpected weight gain might be a sign of something else.  If the weight gain persists despite attempts at lifestyle corrections, consider addressing the problem with your doctor.



Although it’s normal to feel tired every once in a while because of a late night or a single episode of troubled sleep, feeling exhausted every single day might be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.  We often experience fatigue, including exhaustion and mental fog, when our metabolism slows down, and this slowdown might be caused by an imbalance in hormones.


Poor Sleep

Trouble falling asleep or interrupted sleep is usually a sign that something’s not quite right.  But poor sleep isn’t only a symptom of an imbalance but might even contribute to the imbalance.


Trouble with Food

Our food is the primary source of the essential nutrients that our body needs to be healthy.  Eating poorly can lead to poor health, which can feed back onto our cravings.  Feeling constantly hungry or unsatisfied might be a sign of hormonal trouble, as is poor digestion or the sudden craving of unusual or unsatisfying food.


A hormone imbalance can affect many of the body’s systems, and the experience of symptoms can vary widely.  But if you notice any of these problems, or if you don’t feel like yourself for some other reason, be sure to contact your doctor.  If you want help finding a doctor close to you that can serve your health needs, contact IPALC at or search the site for a doctor at

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