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Salt’s Influence on Heart Disease

Are you an avid “salter”?   By that I mean, do you automatically reach for the salt during a meal before even tasting it? You would be surprised at just how many people have this habit. While salt is a naturally occurring substance that we need in our bodies, when consumed excessively, it can be detrimental. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of the salt...

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Depression & Heart Disease – The Link

We are mind, body, and Spirit. All three must be aligned in order for true health to be our state. In the USA alone anxiety and depression affect nearly 40 million people yearly. When you feel bad, emotionally it only makes sense that eventually your body may follow suit. Depression can most certainly feel like a broken heart. The question is, Is it a possibility that...

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Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine

Here in Florida, because of our wonderful weather and welcoming social climate, we have become a destination hot spot for senior retirees. Because of this we have also attracted some of the worlds most gifted and caring Geriatricians.   What’s the difference between a General Practitioner and a Geriatrician?   Because of the vast nature of the human body, doctors...

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Some Facts about Heart Arrhythmia

Often people have no symptoms of a heart arrhythmia, and their doctor will be the first to notice the irregular heartbeat during a routine examination.  On the other hand, sometimes there are noticeable symptoms, but these do not always indicate a serious problem.  Heart arrhythmias can be classified by whether they originate in the atria or ventricles, or on whether the...

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