Non-invasive cardiology to prevent scarring

When it comes to heart surgery of any kind many people are concerned that it will leave a visible scar. At Tampa Cardiovascular Associates we use a branch of interventional cardiology which focuses on specialized catheter-based forms of treatment. The benefits are not only a lack of a visible outer scar but also far less pain accompanied by shortened recovery times. Unlike...

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How to prevent sudden cardiac arrest, and potentially save a life

Age isn’t always a deciding factor in who may or may not have an SCA or heart attack. Often very athletic younger men and women, seemingly out of the blue and in “perfect” health, can have an episode of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest). Years back there was a 17-year-old high school tennis team captain that passed away from an SCA. While instances like this are very rare,...

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Could it be May Thurner Syndrome?

<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>This little-known syndrome hasn’t gotten much press so many have still never heard of it. With the overwhelming popularity of the internet now available in nearly every home we all have access to sites like Web M.D. and other medical self-diagnostic tools. The problem is that when you enter your symptoms it...

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