Medicare Advantage Letters to Congressional Staff

Medicare Advantage for All will deliver comprehensive costeffective health insurance for all Americans. Our current Medicare Advantage program works for seniors and it works for taxpayers! It should be the platform upon which the Democrats build their “Medicare for All” program. 

We are a grassroots research and educational movement. We are on a mission to promote the highest quality, truly American health plan for the lowest possible cost.  

On the Medicare-Advantage-For-All. com website, we further our goal by re-publishing notices, emails, letters, and alerts that we send to congressional staff, which include members of Congress, key congressional staff members, the White House, including policymakers in the executive branch, academics, and D.C. think-tanks, policy wonks, the mediaand our loyal members. 

Below, we have shared some of our recent communications with members of Congress and other vital NEWS and information:   


10/23/2019 – VERMA DUCKS ON ADMIN. CONTINGENCIES if the ACA is struck down. 

By Adam Cancryn – Politico 

CMS Administrator Seema Verma repeatedly refused to tell a House oversight panel how the Trump administration plans to stabilize the nation’s health care system if a federal court strikes down the Affordable Care Act. 

“The president has made clear that we will have a plan in action to make sure that Americans have access to affordable coverage,” Verma told a House Energy and Commerce oversight and investigations subcommittee today. “I’m not going to get into any specifics of the plan.“ 

House Democrats repeatedly pressed Verma over the contingency planning, criticizing her for failing to lay out any fallback options even as the administration backs the legal effort by a group of GOP-led states to immediately wipe out Obamacare. A federal appeals court is expected to rule on the case in the coming weeks. 

“Do you have a plan that you can present to us, or is this another pie in the sky promise?” said Rep. Jan  (D-Ill.)Schakowsky 

Verma later insisted that the administration has planned for “a variety of different scenarios” and only needs to wait for the court to rule — but refused to offer any evidence or details. 

President Donald Trump had originally vowed to roll out his own health care plan by September, but officials have not provided any updated timing, and there’s little expectation any proposal from the White House will extend beyond offering general principles. 



House conservatives have rolled out their Personalized Affordable Care Plan as an alternative to “Medicare for All” ahead of the 2020 elections. The White House has not officially endorsed the Plan, which envisions rolling back Obamacare’s popular Medicaid expansion and much of the regulations governing the individual market and offering federal block grants to states to help establish their own health insurance markets. The proposal is designed to blunt criticism for failing to protect people with preexisting conditions, arguing that high-risk coverage pools — along with fewer benefit requirements for health plans and an equalization of the tax treatment for employer-sponsored and individual plans — will effectively provide all Americans with an array of low-cost options. 




Email to RSC member – October 15, 2019 


Recently, I sent you the list of 293 members of the 116th House of Representatives that have supported Medicare Advantage (MA). I will send it again Today! I have since learned that the Republican Study Committee is planning to release its own health plan alternative by the end of the month. As an important member of this and related committees, I am writing to urge you to incorporate Medicare Advantage into your thinking. 


Previously, I sent you the top 28 reasons why Medicare Advantage should be the core of your new health plan. I believe that to successfully pass any major health plan legislation in the House, then get it through the Senate and ultimately signed by the President, the plan must have three essential elements. It must be bipartisan (or capable of becoming so). It must be cost-effective, but even more importantly, in order to avoid the natural skepticism from public health advocates and others, it must be popular with the American people. The truth is Medicare Advantage is the ONLY health plan that meets ALL three of these basic criteria. 


Medicare Advantage For All has answers for you on this and how to restore the health of the American people, including the efficacy of Medicare Advantage as a national plan for all ages. These answers can be found on  We are excited about your new health plan. Reducing our cost of health care and making it affordable will ultimately require an Apollo-like national commitment. And, we believe that you can “Make America Healthy Again” with the best design of the health plan for which you vote. You will be receiving our correspondence again soon by snail-mail.  Please keep a look-out for it. Thank you very much for your service. 




Letter excerpts to the 293 House members supporting MA – September 18, 2019 


Thank you for supporting the Medicare Advantage Program (MA) which is the bright star on the national health insurance stage. MA is the most popular health plan with your constituents and in Congress.  Enclosed you will find the list of the 293 of your fellow Hose members that have supported Medicare Advantage. This is more than double the number of sponsors for the Medicare for All Act of 2019. Also enclosed please find our Fifth Edition of The True American displaying the Medicare Advantage programs popularity and making the case for extending this dynamic program to All Americans. (See the Fifth Edition here under the True American Tab – SITTING ON A BOMB: May 2019 ) 


The most important challenge we face is maintaining and promoting the health and wellbeing of all our people. We have 30 Million uninsured. We suffer from a crippling chronic disease epidemic that is driving our costs of health care through the roof. 


We believe you have already supported the solution. A properly designed Medicare Advantage plan with an integral health and wellness component created and delivered under the supervision of our able Health & Human Services Department is the answer to all of the problems. A Medicare-Advantage-For-All Program that changes the way our medical professionals treat chronic illness will save over $1 Trillion Dollars annually. 


Medicare Advantage is the most popular health plan in America. Unfortunately, there has never been any major health plan legislation passed by the Congress on Medicare that has NOT been bipartisan! In fact, every major act signed into law since Medicare’s inception was both bipartisan and passed to reduce the cost of the medicare program. 


Your constituents are looking to you for answers. We believe that for any health plan to pass the House, then get through the Senate and ultimately signed into law by the President; the plan must have three essential elements. It must be bipartisan (or capable of becoming so). It must be cost-effective, but even more importantly, in order to avoid the natural skepticism from public health advocates and others, it must be popular with the American people. The truth is Medicare Advantage is the ONLY health plan that meets ALL three of these basic criteria. 

We Americans are sitting on a health care Bomb! This problem can not be fixed without your help. But, every day your constituents have to live with high cost and the difficulty in getting the health care that they need and deserve. That can not be good for your re-election. Please consider working with the 293 of your colleagues, who support Medicare Advantage and help us create a “program that really works”. 


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