Medicare Advantage Can Help With the Cost of Healthcare

Democrats, Republicans, the American people – we all want affordable health insurance. Because of its current price tag, the CBO and Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) both estimate that we have 28 million people without health insurance.

Over the last 50 years, the rate of health care inflation and the concomitant cost of health insurance has risen at double digit rates of increase. According to the CBO, healthcare is the fastest growing category of national spending. The U.S. health expenditures in 2015 accounted for over 25% of the federal budget, up from just 7% in 1976.

A comparative reference on this level of health care spending, is the comparison to what we spend on our national defense. Our “entire” National Defense and Security Budget is 16% of the federal budget. Our healthcare expenditure is 1.56 times as much as we spend on our military. Our military budget is also, by far, the largest in the World. It exceeds the spending of All the other industrialized nations “combined” including Russia and China. The military/industrial complex does not get nearly as much of our tax dollars, as our government spends health care!

Ten percent of our citizens are not covered by health insurance. The question is, do we have to spend even more money to cover them or is there another way to do it? The National Priorities Project, quoting from numerous reputable Research Polls and Reports, found that most Americans name controlling healthcare costs as a top priority (64%). An equally large number of Americans strongly value Medicare, but only 22% say they support reducing health spending. As Senator Rand Paul said in the past, “we all want more health care benefits, but we are unwilling (or unable) to pay for them,” especially at the state level. We cannot blame the Republicans for trying to reduce the cost of health care. And, we cannot fault the Democrats for trying to increase the number of our citizens, who have health insurance at the same time.

We are spending tax dollars to sustain and improve the very health of our citizens, including our indigent mothers with children, many of our low wage workers, our retirees, our veterans, the unemployed, our poor men and women and our disabled. How much of your own family budget is spent on health insurance? If it is just 25% (like our national budget), you would probably feel pretty good about it. But what if your spending only covered 90% of your family? What if you couldn’t afford to cover your children for that amount of money? How would you feel about it then?

Our solution to more affordable health care is Medicare Advantage for All. The Medicare Advantage (MA) programs insure over twenty-two (22) Million Americans with comprehensive health insurance, at a lower federal cost than either Traditional Medicare or Obamacare/ACA


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