Medicare Advantage Can Help Give Americans What They Want

Health insurance can be complicated, and many details of health care and health insurance are lost on the public. Who likes to read an insurance policy? No one!

When our representatives in congress fail to live up to their promises with health care and support programs that aren’t working, these are the things NOT lost on us. We want our representatives to tell us why or why not proposals are good or bad ideas and offer alternatives.

Overall, everyone wants the same thing: affordable health insurance and lower health care costs.

In 1995, health care in the United States was 13% of GDP. In 2014, it was 17% of GDP. We spend more than any other nation in the World on health care. This is “Big” business. President Trump recently got the Senators together at the White House told them (and us) that he expected the Senate bill to be, “a phenomenal Bill for the people of our Country.” He was hoping it would be a bill that is, “generous, kind and with heart.” President Trump said the Senate is going to, “come out with a, “Real bill – not Obamacare!” The Democrats continue to resist any changes to Obamacare. Fortunately for them, the actual Senate draft bill was an adjustment to ACA – Obamacare, and its later version that I call the “Obamacare Dark”.

We hope the Democrats will embrace the idea of promoting Medicare Part C – as the Medicare Buy-In program that Hillary Clinton has been promoting and come to a compromise that will give Republicans some tax relief on and greater control over future health care costs. Democrats can take credit for coming up with the Medicare Part C Plan, that will include competitive benefit plans to attract new members, adequate premium subsidies and tax credits, more affordable plans for the needy, protection for pre-existing conditions, more uninsured voters signing up for coverage and more influence over the programs design. T

Democrats need to step up for their party to protect the interests of the people they represent and insist on the elements of the plan that will appeal to their base and participate in this solution. Medicare Part C is a start! I have made it abundantly that the federal government knows how to successfully structure health insurance programs. They are supervising several of them and they cover tens of thousands of people. The Senators and Representatives are all very smart, many of them millionaires, many of them know how to fix problems like this, but they can’t fix this problem purely because of politics. If you are as frustrated as I am with this situation, we can truthfully lay the blame squarely on many of our Congressional Representatives of both parties in Washington, D.C. They are “NOT” acting like Statesmen and Stateswomen and they are “Not” acting in our BEST interest. T

Every member of Congress and the Trump Administration should be aware that the federal government is already doing a great job providing essentially the things that everybody wants. Ask the more than 55 million Americans covered by Medicare A and B or the 17 million Americans covered by Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans how they feel about their health plans? They will ALL tell you they are happy to have them. Without them, they would be worried about how they were going to pay their bills, if they get sick.

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