Do You Break Out in Hives?

ipalc rashAllergic reactions can be a life-interrupting and difficult to deal with. When they initially present it becomes a guessing game and process of elimination in order to figure out the cause and eliminate it from your life if possible.


Breaking out in hives is uncomfortable, annoying, inconvenient and can in extreme cases lead to scarring over time if the urge to scratch becomes too strong.


Hives, although normally associated with allergic reactions, can also be brought on by stress, insect bites, certain medications, infections, sun exposure and even extreme cold. The sooner you identify what it is that is causing hives for you, the better and more quickly you can halt them.


What works?


  1. Avoidance of the stimulant is the #1 best defense. If you can’t avoid it or haven’t yet figured out what it is here are some suggestions to help.


  1. Scratching, though it may feel good, will increase the need to scratch. It’s a  vicious circle. If at all possible, avoid scratching. If that isn’t possible, try and use a skin brush rather than your nails which can have bacteria on them and are more prone to tearing. The brush will feel even better and not lead to broken skin areas.


  1. Oatmeal or anti-itch bath – take a cool bath and soak allowing the skin to moisturize.


  1. Moisturize with a hypoallergenic lotion directly after the bath. Pat dry.


  1. Take Benadryl (antihistamine) to calm the reaction.


  1. Use Calamine lotion to relieve itching by cooling the skin.


  1. Talk to your doctor about prescription options if you experience chronic hives.


If you are unable to pinpoint the cause, talk to your doctor. They are able to help diagnose and get to the root of the problems so that you can get on with your life, hive free. To find a practitioner here in Lee County, Florida please visit our FREE resource list from the Independent Physicians Association of Lee County by going to

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