Could it be Parkinson’s?

parkinsonsWe all recognize the telltale shakiness of full-blown Parkinson’s Disease generally associated with old age, but what about the initial onset?


How can you tell if you might have the disease?


One single symptom alone does not mean that you have or are beginning Parkinson’s. If you are experiencing multiple symptoms, it would be wise to consult your doctor.


Shaking/Tremors – With this disease, the shaking is felt in fingers, in your hand and even in your lip and chin. Twitching limbs or shaking limbs are a common early sign.


Loss of Smell – Have you noticed that your ability to sense through smell has been diminishing? Try licorice, bananas, and pickles. If you cannot smell them that may be a cue.


Sleep disturbance – Sudden thrashing, tossing and turning even to the point of possibly falling out of bed. While it is normal for most of us to experience a restless night now and then, if it becomes a regular occurrence, check with your doctor.


Handwriting Change – Have you noticed a change in your handwriting? If it has suddenly gotten smaller, less loopy and tighter looking, even crowded together it could signal Parkinson’s disease.


Constipation – Diet can cause this as well. Make sure you are taking in enough water and fiber. If your diet is on point, and you are still not having regular bowel movements, see your doctor.


Stiffness – Loss of flexibility, a feeling of being more rigid and stiff than usual. (please be aware that arthritis can sometimes cause the same symptom).


Dizziness – Low blood pressure is linked to Parkinson’s. If you feel dizzy or faint when standing on a regular basis – please get it checked.


Stoic Expression – Do you suddenly have a serious look most of the time even if you aren’t thinking about anything? Do your eyes stare blankly and you blink less often? – There are some medications which can cause this too, but it should stop when the medication is discontinued.


Sudden Loss of Posture – are you finding yourself stooping over? Slouching, leaning and stooping are a sign of Parkinson’s as well.


If after reading this you feel you are a fit for these symptoms it is important to make a plan with your doctor as soon as possible. If you do not have a physician and are in Lee County, FL please visit IPALC’s free directory by going to

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