Athletes Foot is Just a Rash

athletes footHave you ever had an intense itching feeling between your toes that won’t go away? Or a soreness on the bottom of your foot that results in the skin cracking? Or even fluid-filled blisters on the bottom of your foot? Any one of these could be a symptom of Athletes foot, which is a skin fungal infection.

Athletes foot can be spread by simply walking on it. Fungi like to live in warm, wet environments. So, bathrooms, locker rooms, pool decks, and shower stall floors are their favorite places to grow. You should avoid walking in these places with bare feet. If you do, and the fungi attach to your feet, then it can grow and cause uncomfortableness. This is true especially if you provide it with more humid places to thrive in such as wearing bare feet in tight shoes.

Here are the three types of Athletes foot that you can catch:


  • Toe Web Infection: this type is normally found between the toes, which itches and can cause the skin to crack and peel.


  • Vesicular infection: If you find that you suddenly have a bunch of blisters forming on the bottom of your foot, you probably have this type. This type can cause a bacterial infection.


  • Moccasin infection: this type normally begins with a sore feeling on the bottom of your foot, which then leads into the skin becoming think and cracking. Sometimes your toenails can become infected as well, which leads to them crumbling and, in severe cases, falling out.


If you have had Athlete’s foot in the past, you are more prone to catching it again. Some people are more susceptible to it than others are. Always contact your doctor who can evaluate your foot and give you a proper diagnosis. Treatments for Athletes’ Foot are normally topical creams and sprays.

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