How to Avoid the Seasonal Flu This Year

fluNo matter how many vitamins you take and how healthy you try to be, the seasonal flu can creep up on you at any time. This is because the flu virus spreads so easily from person to person. In addition to taking the flu shot, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has some recommendations on how to prevent getting the flu and how to guard against spreading it to others.

  1. When you are sick you should stay home. Not only will you feel better by letting your body rest and recover, you will avoid spreading the flu to co-workers and others you may be around.
  1. Try to stay away from those who are sick. If you know or suspect someone of being sick with the flu, try your best to keep your distance.
  1. Wash your hands often. This is especially true if you are around others who are sick or if you are in the vicinity of the public for long periods of time. Use warm water with soap and wash hands for two minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
  1. Try not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Flu viruses are spread through these areas on the body, so not introducing bacteria and possible viruses on your hands to these areas is crucial in not catching the bug.
  1. If you are sick, cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough. The flu is an airborne virus, covering these areas on your body will help to prevent the spread of it to others.
  1. Take care of yourself for prevention. By leading a healthy lifestyle of good eating habits, regular exercise, stress maintenance, and sufficient sleep you will build up your immune system. Your immune system is a defense to any viruses out there.

IPALC’sSometimes, it is unavoidable and you get sick. If this happens and you need to see a doctor, search through IPALC’s list of physicians in the Lee county area of Florida.

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