Tennis Elbow – Not Just For Tennis Players

Tennis ElbowTennis elbow is a term used for a painful condition located at the elbow. It is a common injury for those who play the sport of tennis, thus the name Tennis Elbow. But, anyone can become afflicted with it, not just tennis players.

Tennis elbow is a swelling of the tendon on the outside of the elbow. Some individuals experience pain radiating up or down the arm. Repetitive gripping motion from work, exercise or an activity repeated often can create this painful condition. Gripping with the thumb and first two fingers increases the chance of getting tennis elbow.

Activities that contribute to tennis elbow:

  • Tennis, of course, and any sport with a racquet such as squash
  • Weight lifting
  • Typing
  • Painting
  • Knitting

Because the injury is at the elbow, you are likely to experience pain on the lower arm. Movement, especially gripping items, with your hands can trigger pain. Lifting the arm, grasping a cup, typing, and even the simple task of making a fist can be extremely painful.

Some of the ways to treat tennis elbow is: refrain from the activity that caused it, using an anti-inflammatory upon physician’s recommendation, ice packs, wearing an arm brace for support, performing stretching exercises of the arm, and in really painful cases, a steroid injection to the injured elbow. Time is needed to let the injury heal. Some individuals seek out physical therapy where the therapist can work with them on specific exercises such as stretches and strengthening. Once your arm and hand feel similar to the other arm, then you are on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, surgery may be required to repair the tendon.

If you feel that you are experiencing signs of tennis elbow and it is affecting your daily life, please reach out to the experienced physicians at You shouldn’t have to suffer with the pain of tennis elbow.

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